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That's £900 per £100 Trades

Quality Trade Selections

High ROI with very little loosing runs

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Total Profit Jan 2018 - Nov 2019

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Average Monthly Profit using £100 trades, based on profit so far*



Return Of Investment, based on results so far

Reasons for Sale

Reason for sharing the selections, if profitable?


Short answer:

Banned from bookmakers


Long answer:

This strategy needs bookmaker accounts, and eventually they restrict your account to £1 maximum stakes once they classify you as a savvy gambler. We managed to get away for 1-3 years, until the eventual closure of our bookmaker accounts.

So to continue making an income out of this strategy, we shared the selections for a monthly fee to a limited number of members.


Why sell the strategy then?

Short answer:
Other business ventures/interests, lack of time.

Long answer:
Unexpectedly, we filled the spots very rapidly, and then re-invested our profits into other business ventures. However, the Overnight Trade service was not something we could continue simultaneously, so we had to close down the service. Now that our new business is generating an income, we are ready to sell the Overnight Trade strategy to make some more passive income out of it, and of course you would benefit from buying the strategy, as you can perform the selections yourself now.


Benefit for you:


Short answer:

£29.99 one-off free for this book. Original cost over £400 a year for membership. Total of over 200 points made in 2 years, that would be £20k using £100 trades. Results below.


Long answer:

The monthly fee for this service was £40 a month. Members would have paid over £400 every year for the selections. Now you can get the strategy to pick the selections yourself for a one-off price of £29.99. The reason why the strategy is sold for such a low price is simply because we don’t have to pay any salaries, fees to maintain the site, customer management, advertisement costs, and no time spent finding the selections, which all contributed to the £40 a month membership fee. Selling this as an ebook containing just the strategy on how to select the horses has almost 0 cost to us therefore it could be sold for a much lower price of £29.99 one-off fee. You can use this strategy for approximately 1-3 year on average, which is how long it takes for bookies to start restricting your stakes to £1. 

Disclaimer: This is in no way a guarantee on how much you will make in the future, these are just past results on what was achieved and does not guarantee any income.

There are two parts to this manual, the first section is a guide covering the principles on how to perform the trades and the basic tools you will need to successfully trade the selections. The advanced calculator is not included only the strategy on how to select the horses. The second part explains how to pick the selections for the Overnight Trades.


The results below show the profit of £100 trades since January 2018. All trades were traded out at the exchange before the start of the race. No BOG wins or cash outs were included in the results. Therefore, the actual profits would be much higher if BOG wins and reduced losses through cash outs were included.

2018 - Results

Monthly Profit

Cumulative Profit



£100 Trades

Raw Results

2019 - Results



£100 Trades

Raw Results

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